Using School's Samba Web Client via Command Line

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December 16, 2014 at 13:28:39
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Hi All,

Recently, I created a small batch script that syncs my OneDrive with my MyDocuments folder:

@echo off
xcopy "E:\Documents" "C:\Users\user\OneDrive" /e /d /y /h /r /c
xcopy "C:\Users\user\OneDrive" "E:\Documents" /e /d /y /h /r /c

I've just linked it to a Windows Scheduled Task to run when the computer idles for more than 2 minutes & at startup/shutdown. So far, it's worked great.

But now I want to expand my script. I'd like to include the ability to sync my MyDocuments folder with my school's student file server. Sure, I can access the files via my OneDrive while at school, but this would be considerably easier since I wouldn't have to download the files that I need every time I get to school (the file servers are attached as NAS so they are accessed just like files on a flash drive).

My school has a Samba Web Client set up that allows students to access their files via this GUI.

Basically, I go to this page, I sign in, and their server generates a random session key that allows me to access the SMB site.

Could I set something up that simply uses my credentials stored in a text file or something, then requests uploads/downloads from the server with the session key?

Downloading files is really easy, you basically just request the directory \_home_\filename and it downloads (you can see the current directory in the URL, as &share=\_home_)

I know that the location that stores my data is \CCSStudentShare\chsstorage3username$ though what directory that is located in I don't know (I can check tomorrow assuming the school's admins haven't blocked access to that information). Also, the Web Client has different directories than the school's NAS server.

Do you guys think that this sort of project will be relatively simple or will it require high level knowledge of how exactly the school's servers work?

Click here for full system specs.

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December 16, 2014 at 13:40:24
Why not just talk to the network admin?

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