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Microsoft Windows xp professional w/serv...
August 16, 2010 at 18:02:47
Specs: Windows XP, 4 gig
Am wondering if someone can help me with a script...

Im capturing IPs from a bunch of computers and the list needs to be in order -

the first computer the script runs on gets saved to an excel file with the IP to a folder (that part ive worked out) however,

Problem: i need the filename to have a 1 in it, and then next filename to have a 2, and so forth. So that i can easily distinguish the layout of computers to the filename and thus have the correct IPS for each computer.

hope this makes sence.

thanks for any help! :)

current script

ipconfig /all > %computername%.xls
MOVE "%computername%.xls" H:\mac\88-5

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August 17, 2010 at 01:40:20
Conno, In this forum, we have quite a bit of generalized knowledge, but you'll likely get more and more knowledgeable responses in the programming forum @:
Ed in Texas.

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