Request Peer Check for .bat Uninstaller

April 28, 2012 at 13:30:20
Specs: Windows XP
I am not very comfortable in MS-DOS and I just wanted someone else to look at this and make sure it will do what it is supposed to before I try anything.

It is an uninstaller for a program I am writing. The program will move it to C:\ and then it will run. The bat file should input the location of the program folder from jarvisloc.jdf and if it wants to store user data from uninstall.tmp (0 to not store, 1 to store). When it is done it deletes itself. Or, at least thats what it is supposed to do. Here it is:

@echo off
echo uninstalling...
%loc% < C:\WINDOWS\jarvisloc.jdf
!ut! < %loc%\temp\uninstall.tmp
If !ut! EQU 1 (
cd %loc%
copy /y dimscreen.ini C:\dimscreen.ini
copy /y jarvis.ini C:\jarvis.ini
copy /y fractaltype.jdf C:\fractaltype.jdf
copy /y log.jdf C:\log.jdf
copy /y customcmd.bas C:\customcmd.bas
xcopy /y customcmd C:\customcmd\
xcopy /y snapshots C:\snapshots\
cd c:
deltree /y %loc%
del /y C:\WINDOWS\jarvisloc.jdf
del /y C:\%homepath%Start Menu\Programs\Startup\startuptime.lnk
del /y C:\%homepath%Start Menu\Programs\Startup\jarvis.lnk
del /y C:\%homepath%Desktop\jarvis.lnk
If !ut! EQU 1 (
cd C:\Program Files
mkdir JARVIS
mkdir temp
cd temp
mkdir profile
cd profile
copy /y C:\dimscreen.ini dimscreen.ini
copy /y C:\jarvis.ini jarvis.ini
copy /y C:\fractaltype.jdf fractaltype.jdf
copy /y C:\log.jdf log.jdf
copy /y C:\customcmd.bas customcmd.bas
xcopy /y C:\customcmd customcmd\
xcopy /y C:\snapshots snapshots\
del /y C:\dimscreen.ini
del /y C:\jarvis.ini
del /y C:\fractaltype.jdf
del /y C:\log.jdf
del /y C:\customcmd.bas
deltree /y C:\customcmd
deltree /y C:\snapshots
cd c:
del uninstall.bat

Does it do what I think it is supposed to? Also, how could you get the bat file to delay for like 5 seconds at the beginning to give the program time to close and such? Thanks you guys

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April 29, 2012 at 13:33:58
You . . . haven't tested it yet, have you?

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