Random Instances Of Permission Refused

February 2, 2020 at 10:24:04
Specs: Windows 7, 1.6 gb 4gb
I get irregular instances when a "permission refused" message pops up. This happens despite the code running without any problem for quite a number of consecutive times (running through files in a folder) and then suddenly the error message will pop up for no apparent reason that I can determine. The problem highlighted is the line .document.body.style.backgroundColor = "#000000".

With objExplorer
.Navigate "about:blank"
.Document.Title = "Previewer"
.document.body.style.backgroundColor = "#000000"
.ToolBar = 0
.StatusBar = 0
.Visible = 1
.Document.Body.Style.Cursor = "default"
.Document.Body.InnerHTML = strIMG_src

End With

I would be grateful if anyone could shed any light on why this should be.

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