Pentium MMX / Tekram P5M4-M+Setup

Tekram / P5m4-m+ v 1.04
March 1, 2009 at 13:17:42
Specs: 98SE TO XP Home Ex, 128
Friend of mine had a Award Sofware Inc CPU w/ Plentium MMX CPU @ 166 MHz. system running Windows 98SE. I tried to remove 98SE and install XP Home Edition. I don't know what the settings should be in BIOS/Setup. All I get is "Invalid System Disk" install and press any key.The system has these #s...10/19/1999-VP4-686-2A5LHT69C/AWARD MODULAR BIOS V 4.51 PG/TRM P5M4-M+ V 1.04. Can anyone help me to get the right manual for this unit? Or help me set the motherboard so I can at least get 98SE back into it? It was at one point reading the Windows XP Home Edition disk but would get so far and then come up with error and could not finish install. Now all I get is "Invalid System Disk". I messed up some settings and need to know how to straighten them out. Thank You.

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March 1, 2009 at 14:31:13
I think this is the support page for your board - The are driver and bios links on the left of the page.

This pc doesn't have a fast enough processor to run xp the minimum requirement according to microsoft it 233 mhz.

Getting 98 back really depends if the disk had been formatted, files deleted/overwritten and if the mbr was overwritten. The first two are killers the later may be fixable "fdisk /mbr" (Provided it is disk 0).

The first thing to look at would boot order in bios, just to make sure it's not trying to boot something unwanted.

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March 15, 2009 at 12:28:14
Thankyou for those links. Helped a little to know settings are right. I just wiped out 98SE and now need to know how to get system to reconize the disk I put in the CD-ROM.Meaning upon startup it goes through its memory test, then says found CD ROM : CS-R38 0.......when no CD is in the drive.? I think when I tried to put in XP and it started loading then got so far and gave me File/i386/biosinfo.inf could not be loaded. (error code is 32768) that the system is "stuck" in this mode. I have boot setup set CD ROM,C,A. So now I get "Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM : Failure, then it says, "Invalid System Disk" Replace the disk, and then press any key....So now my question is "what disk" does it want?? The one for this computer? or Windows 98? If I put in a cd that I burned for 98 it just keeps saying Invalid System disk...Thanks for your help

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March 15, 2009 at 14:11:19
"invalid system disk" means that what ever the bios is set to boot from doesn't have a valid boot sector.

Windows 98 cd's normally aren't bootable unless you have made it bootable yourself. If you want to reinstall win98 get a win98 bootable floppy disk(do a search and you should be able to find an image) boot from it with cd support and start setup(again do a search lots of detailed instructions out there).

As for xp like mentioned above the pc is probably too old and not supported, but a damaged cd, bad ram, ect. could all be issues.

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