New to programming/Pascal, need help with intermediate task

June 7, 2012 at 18:55:23
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Hey! Recently moved schools and the beginner's software development class I've been put into is at a completely different point in the curriculum to my old class; my peers are months into learning Pascal whilst I've no experience with programming at all, not even pseudo code. I've been assigned a task due in a week and I've really no idea where to start or how to go about it - the school's minimal resources aren't very supportive of a student joining the course part-way through. I'd be endlessly grateful if anyone could look over the task and point me toward any online resources, advise me on how I should go about things, anything that will help me to complete this task to a reasonable extent by the due date. Thanks lots!

Mr Greyson has asked you to develop a simple program (in Pascal) to keep track of his students’ results in the 4 mandatory subjects: English, Maths, HSIE and Science. He has supplied you with the marks for each student’s subjects (Table 1).

Program Requirements
Your program is to:
- allow the user to add 10 names and grades for 4 subjects
- covert the mark into a grade (as in Table 2).
- Output a list of students with their relevant grades.
- Output a list of students in alphabetical order.
- Find the student with the highest mark for any individual subject (subject is inputted by user and student and mark is returned)
- Save the data to a file and access it for output

Task Requirements
For this Task you are to provide the following:
- Appropriate pseudocode for the entire algorithm including sub-programs.
- A data dictionary showing variables as they are called in the actual source code.
- A working executable written in pascal (as well as the uncompiled source code)
- An appropriate and easy to use user interface

Items to be handed in:
- Pseudocode and data dictionary on A4 paper attached to marking sheet.
- Source code AND executable to be handed in on a labelled CD.
- No USB’s will be accepted

Table 1
Name Surname English Maths HSIE Science
Bob Down 80 76 92 59
Therese Green 56 78 91 24
Jay Walker 46 79 45 66
Nev Erever 95 96 81 79
Matt Finish 21 50 45 77
Ben Dover 65 55 78 42
Hugo First 26 86 44 55
Justin Case 45 86 14 49
Bill Posters 51 71 69 75
Andrew Johns 12 36 23 45

Table 2
Mark Grade
91-100 A
71-90 B
50-70 C
25-49 D
0-24 E

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June 8, 2012 at 00:52:56
Here's a Pascal programming tutorial: . It's a fairly straightforward language, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty learning it. For your assignment you will probably want to pay particular attention to the section on types and records.

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