Need some major help with batch coding

Dell / Inspiron 9100...
February 2, 2012 at 19:15:13
Specs: Windows XP, 3.192 GHz / 1023 MB
i havent done batch in a while but i need some help with the following things

1. i need to make it so that when i run the script it disables, control-alt-delete, alt-tab, windows button-tab, escape, and any other method of getting out of it. im making a batch file that runs in full screen but i want to make it so that it cant be left or switched out of, is there a way to disable these key combinations while in the batch file and a way to re-enable then after words.

2. i need a batch file that can show me the IP address of everyone on my network (router) i dont care about computer name just IP address. anything else is just a bonus.

3. i need the batch file to be able to change its file name and the name of the shortcut and everything so after closing it will- rename itself to a random name, rename the shortcut to a random name, and update the shortcut parameters so the shortcut still works.

4. and lastly, i need to make it so it can show my system info, like cpu and other stuff. i knew how to do it before but now i can't i completely forgot. any ideas?

thanks for any help with any or all of the above questions THANKS

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February 2, 2012 at 20:07:20
Is this a fake post for ha ha

Sorry BatchCoder, you probably won't find much help here, for something like that. If you are trying to create a kiosk or something like that that prevents access to the OS while it is in use, check into using firefox as a kiosk interface.

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