need batchparser.dll 64 bit without installin

October 11, 2010 at 10:51:54
Specs: windows server standard
I have a visual studio program that was developed with visual studio 2005 and runs on a windows 2000 32 bit machine running sql server 2000. I want to run this program now on a windows server 64 bit machine with sql server 2008.

So, most parts of the solution work except some are getting error "could not load assembly microsoft.sqlserver.batchparser version"

I have researched and found that I need the batchparser version for 64 bit systems and have found a download for it that is a part of a 64 bit install.msi file, BUT.. I don't want to install the 64 bit version on my 32 bit development computer. I just need the .dll to put in my solution folder I think.

Any advice on where to find just the 64 bit batchparser.dll?

More info: The 64 bit and 32 bit batchparser are in the gac on the target machine but I guess my solution is not looking there, it is looking for the batchparser.dll in the solution folder.

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October 12, 2010 at 09:13:18
I have solved the problem!!

I did not change anything on the 64 bit server. It has the wow64 program files folder and I have found that wow64 is installed and enabled by default on 64 bit server.

So in my solution in visual studio this is what I did:

Highlight the install package and right click and select properties. Go to configuration manager and go to active solution platform, do add new and type in x86.

Then go to the solution project (at top of explorers window), right click and select properties. Under platform at the top right AND under platform target on that screen select x86. Build the solution.

Go back to install package and right click and select properties. Go to configuration manager and make sure it says x86 under active solution platform and then build the install package.

Then install the package on the 64 bit machine and viola, it works. In visual studio the help says: if you set the target to x86 then when it runs on a 64 bit machine it will use the wow64 libraries (which are 32 bit) to resolve whatever. To see this put your cursor on the platform target in visual studio project properties and press F1.

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