making copy program with batch

April 19, 2011 at 04:03:21
Specs: Windows Vista
hi all (:

im doing some of my first batch programs, i like to help my girlfriend (and there for help me)
i making a copy program wich can copy files from her usb camera to a specific folder to the c drive.

my projects is currently stopped bcuz im noobing around with it :-/
i like to copy the files and rename the folder twith date stamp and i really tryed but different errors accoured like folder exist not valid path etc

i use theese lines ..

@echo off

:: To create the folder with stamp Not working :s

md images_:%Date:~0,2%-%Date:~3,2%-%Date:~7,4%

xcopy /e /v /y m:\camera c:\users\username\pictures

but how to create the folder correct and add the files to the folder just created??

thank you so much guys

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April 20, 2011 at 13:32:24
@echo off
MD IMAGES_%Date:~-4,4%%Date:~10,2%%Date:~7,2%

xcopy /e /v e:\dcim\101msdcf c:\users\username\camera\IMAGES_%Date:~-4,4%%Date:~10,2%%Date:~7,2%:
echo Honey you did a great job copying and renaming your pictures folder



::Its work like that, but the date have some issues, i cant figure out how to correct but its only 1 number(not good but works great)
and its to my computer super user girlfriend so she can manage to copy the pictures with no stress :) hehe thanks anyways guys :)

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