Making a batch file to pull variable from txt

June 30, 2011 at 16:22:15
Specs: Windows Vista, Genuine Intel(R) Dual CPU 1.66GHz / 3 gigs
Hello, the title max maximised very tight. So my problem is, I am making a program to help me doing things on my computer from there. Well what it does is that I input info in my program, that program writes that info onto a text file. And when i hit my button in my program, i want to start a batch file that reads from the text file that my program made and I want the batch file to get variables form it.
So, I need a batch script that pulls variables from a text file.

More info:
Ok, I have made a program to chek if my server is online. So it pings, first i input my server ip into a text box in my program. I hit check, then i made a variable in my program called IP. Then i enter how much packages to send so i dont override my server. This is a variable called Size. Ok, then i push the check button and my program writes the data aka IP "and" Size to a text file called Data.txt in directory C:\Users\Gunvor\Desktop. So, I have searched very much elsewhere, but that is people who have slightly other problems. Well, when it comes to programming i cant relie on slightly same problem solwing cases. Well, i could try to learn from them, but dont think i`ve not tried. So, if anyone of you could help me with this batch script it would be very good. This website is the first one i tried since i`ve been here before and all three times you answered VERY fast! I LOVE this site ^^
So, thanks allready xD

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July 1, 2011 at 16:13:01
I think that using vbscript would be much easier. (I can't think of the code right now...)

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