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Specs: Windows XP
2. Consider the problem of team projects (note that teamwork is a core part of most, though not all, serious efforts). A project can get a particular score (either in school or in a work environment, it doesn’t matter, the abstract problem is the same). But how can credit be appropriately distributed among the team members? More personally, if you were a member of a team, how would you want credit to be distributed so you get the credit you deserve – and that gold bricker (or better, the person who spends day and night helping everyone else as well as doing way more than his or her share) get the credit they deserve? Keep in mind that in this course you will, in fact, sometimes be a member of a team! Analyze the problem: what is the best solution you can think of to this problem, and why is it better than other possibilities? In other words, what are the requirements, specifications, requirements specifications, or whatever else you want to call it (idea – let’s call it the “analysis”!) for software to solve this problem. Please assume that
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1) the project itself will cause management to give the group an average raise or bonus of $x,

2) each team member will provide a numerical assessment of the contribution of each other member of the team as well as themselves,

3) the program will then have to calculate a score for each person from the numbers.

(80 pts.)

3. Implement a solution in a Java program. Note: you do not need to implement your ideal solution; a simplistic solution will be perfectly acceptable for this implementation. Numerical data may be hard coded. (10 pts.)

4. Make your program have a GUI (5 pts.)

5. Discuss the problem of credit assignment in teams in terms of information quality (up to 2.5 pts. extra credit)

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February 1, 2009 at 17:33:34
"Keep in mind that in this course you will, in fact, sometimes be a member of a team! "

It would be improper for any forum member to undertake your homework. How is your tutor to gauge your level of competence if you submit someone else's work? How will you perform in an exam situation where questioning others is not permitted?

Please approach your tutor for guidance.

Good luck.

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