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January 30, 2015 at 02:16:03
Specs: Windows 7
Ok so , i was searching for days and i couldn't find anything , i am searching for a batch code that creates a text button and when u click it does something....i found something but is not working in 64 bit....and not a pop up or something ; to click the console itself
@echo off&& set cx=0
mode con cols=80 lines=25
echo.&& echo.&& echo.&& echo.&& echo.&& echo [CLOSE]
if %cx%==1 (call:cmps) else (set cx=1)
goto :ini
echo.exit|cmd/K prompt $_a100$_mov ax,5$_int 33$_cmp ax,1$_jl 0100$_mov ax,3$_int 33$_$_g10D$_rdx$_$_rcx$_$_q>$
call:gtC_f 12&& set x=%reg:~3,4%
call:gtC_f 13&& set y=%reg:~3,4%
for /f "usebackq skip=%1 delims=" %%a in (`debug^<$^|find "0"`) do set reg=%%a&& goto:eof
for %%a in (A0 A8 B0 B8 C0 C8 D0 D8) do if %x%%y%==00%%a0028 exit

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January 30, 2015 at 02:57:17
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The script you posted can't work on 64 bit platforms since it uses Debug, a legacy tool to create chunks of machine code interfacing system services via the no more supported DOS int nn interface.

Anyway to accomplish what you wish you need to code in VBScript since batch scripting can't interact with the GUI interface and is limited to console text only.

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