How to create logon screen in vb

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September 2, 2012 at 10:45:06
Specs: windows xp sp2, Core 2 duo,2 GB ram
Hi this is R@vi and i want to know some thing......i have seen that a hardware person changing randomly the logon screens.i asked how is it possible.he said i created these files with diff images which i like and saved when i just double click on it, logon screen will be automatically changed.he said these were created in vb.i googled for this.but i didn't found any is showing the results of changing logon screens by using other software's.and also if i want to change the logon screen i need to install that software.instead of that can any 1 guide me is there really we can create like that in vb if it is yes can u pls tell me how?
guidance is appreciated in advance....... Thank qqqqqqqqqq....

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September 3, 2012 at 03:50:38
You saw a hardware person change a logon screen?

what does that mean, can you explain a little more please.

When you say you want to change the logon screen, what do you actually want to change about it? from your description i assume you mean the skin of the logon screen? its appearence and possibly apply a theme?

There are many ways to do this, you can create images, or download images and set them as the forms picture, accordingly then you can change the colours of all the controls on the form to match the colour of the picture.

or, there are skin ocx files you can download. What this allows you to do is change the theme of your forms.

Without knowing exactly what you want to change i cannot be anymore specific.

Can you please be a lot more clear on what you want to achieve.


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September 26, 2012 at 12:20:50
Sorry for the late rply first of all its not i already said that he had made some own logon screens.i will explain u detailed. system was formatted by him after that he just double click on a file thats it my logon screen changed with a god image and username and password boxes present at left side.normally when we shutdown a system it says logging off, shutting down with a blue back ground but this time my sys displayed the god image which is earlier set as logon screen.and the left side it is displaying logging off, shutting down.
2.i think as of my knowledge its not theme.if it is a theme we need to install.doesn;t? i asked him r u using any software to change the welcome and logon screens with diff images.he said no i already created some screens with some background images which i when ever i want to change logon screens i would change using this...and ha said that these are created in vb...he didnt tell any more...

i am a bit confused thats y im asking u people is is really pos that we can made like that....

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