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Solved How do I make a vbs chat bot in notepad?

December 27, 2013 at 09:51:42
Specs: Any Windows OS, 8GB
So I want to make a bot where the chat moves forward by the user simply asking the bought questions or saying things to the bot as well as upon nul input it will start a new topic, or upon request from the user.. The bot will learn by taking every unknown input (which for explination purposes, I will refer to as 'x') and it will save x it a database.txt file.. Then, in the alpha (database building) version there will be a bot that just says things from the database.txt file, and then stores the user's reply in the bot's database so that when the user says x it will reply with a response from the database based off what the user/alpha programmer taught it. but I need help with the features I mentioned above in bold..

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January 1, 2014 at 07:41:38
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Indeed there is much help needed....pretend intelligence from a vbs script...that seems unlikely. I personally think that you are expecting way too much from your script.

Are you planning on using input boxes for user information? I can't imagine that a cscript would be what you are looking for.

Basically what you want is anytime a user answers a question, that answer is stored into a text file... Do you intend to also store the question into that text file? Otherwise how did you intend to recall it in a usefull manner?

How were you thinking that it would reply to something like this....

C: How are you feeling today?
P: Terrible

something like

C: Wow I was not expecting that you were feeling terrible, why is that?

What is your intention from there? What if someone answered one of the following

P: My cow died
P: I have to have surgery
P: I hate computers
p: Purple monkeys

You would need a response to all of those things...How would a simple script and a text file be able to guess at what you needed. Also, are you planning on it remembering how you felt yesterday? Last week. Things to consider in your search for fake AI


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