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April 18, 2015 at 09:36:20
Specs: Windows 7 Professional x64, 3.6GHz 16GB
Allright. I have a batch file where the user is authenicated with a username and a password. When the password is typed in, everyone that sees the screen is able to read the password.

I've read in other forums that replacing the letters with asterisks is a tricky thing so I'm not going to ask for how to do that here. Instead I'd like to ask; Is there a way of hiding the input entirely? Like it's done in the terminal in Linux (Like when you enter the password for the superuser when executing sudo commands).

I do not know if this is possible, or if it'll work the same way as with asterisks.

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April 18, 2015 at 19:21:47
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Nah, not with pure batch as far as I know. CHOICE can be fudged somewhat, but it's really sucky because you can't use {ENTER} to end the input. Maybe vbscript/jscript or vis.basic, or some third-party app. I've used DEBUG to make a small routine that works like CHOICE, but it is probably not up to 64-bit OS'.

@goto :aaa
e100 b4 07 cd 21 b4 4c cd 21
:: is a simple key-stroke gatherer. Like CHOICE, it returns errorlevel
:: but based on input-key ascii-value instead of location in string.
if exist goto :bbb
debug<%~dpn0.bat >nul 2>nul

@echo off & setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set strg=
:: foll. line needs to be tweaked for your requirements
:: use CAR-RET for exit, could also test for TAB or LF at this point
:: now convert keystroke from ascii to alpha-num using the string and offset
set /a dd=%errorlevel%
:: offset DD to match the string ALPHA
set /a dd-=65
SET K=!ALPHA:~%dd%,1!
::==== end batch
Then you still got to account for the nefarious user's BACKSPACE! If you're still interested, I'll help with that, but not wasting time on it at this point.

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