Help with a VB2008 Project?

March 3, 2011 at 05:07:00
Specs: Windows 7
Hi there i am just wondering if you could help me? basically I have been given a project to do were i have to create a credit union application in VB2008 am just wondering if anyone could tell me what i need to create this application etc like how many labels textboxs etc obviously i need to create it but all am asking is if you could tell me were to start as i am lost and never really created anything in vb 2008. here is the spec

The applicant's age is considered, thus

< 21 add 5 points 21 – 35 add 2 point

> 60 add 1 points

Income is assessed (whole £)

0 add 15 points

1 - 9999 add 3 points

10000 – 15000 add 2 points

15001 – 20000 add 1 point

Time in present occupation

Unwaged add 8 points

< 2 years add 4 points

2 – 5 years add 2 point

Occupation type

Professional add 1 points

Skilled add 2 points

Unskilled add 3 point

Residence status

Owner add 1 point

Rental (state) add 3 points

Rental (private) add 4 points

With parents add 2 points

Time at present address

< 12 months add 5 points

1 – 5 years add 3 points

The client is prompted for their name and a personal reference number. If the application is successful then this number becomes the loan agreement reference number.

If the applicant has a credit rating of 14 or more points the application is rejected.

If the credit rating is less than 14 points then the client is prompted for the loan period (must be equal to 12, 24 or 36 months) and the amount required.

The cost of the loan is 6% if required over 12 months and 8% if over 24 months and 12% over 36 months. This is added to the loan.

The applicant's net monthly income and total monthly outgoings are taken into account.

If the monthly repayment is more than 25% of disposable income (net income – outgoings), then the application is rejected.

If the repayment is less than or equal to 25% then the loan is granted and a form is produced and printed with the relevant information, including the loan and repayment amounts

if you can't help i understand and thanks very much for reading my post anyway.


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March 3, 2011 at 05:40:55
I will apologize first. I am in a hurry, but I wanted to leave you with a starting point for today. :)

Create a form.

Create the following controls:
Reference No.
First Name
Last Name
Birthdate (textbox)
Yearly Income (textbox)
Occupation (Use a combo box or radio buttons)
Residence (Use a combo box or radio buttons again)
How long have you lived at this address? (textbox)

This is your start.

On the form at the top of the code, create a variable, "points" for example.

I did not go over this in great length.

Each of your calculations start happening once the user presses a button, call it "Submit Application" for the time being. At submit, you calculate the age of the applicant, assign points to the variable "points". Use a nested if for assigning points within the salary ranges. Use a case of switch to find occupation point value. Use an if statement for the time at address.

Now I assume you have calcualted the credit rating once submit is finished. Now, make an if to accept or reject the application based on your specs. Create a second form prompt which is told to open if accepted that includes text controls for the duration of the loan, create a variable to hold the loan value and add the cost of the loan to it. Create input boxes for the income and expense figures to calculate net income when the button is clicked.

Now, create the button. Create a variable to hold the applicant's net - income minus expenses. Solve for ... the loan payment is what percent of the applicant's net ;)

Use an if to compare the percentage (which is decimal!) Compare with an if statement to reject or accept application.

From there you create the third form, output all information, and print.

I hope that made sense. I am helping on the fly!

Without writing it for you, this should give you a good start. :)

I'm still learning everyday.

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