Ghost Floppy Batch Formula Needed

December 31, 2011 at 20:10:14
Specs: Windows 7, i5 2500K / 8 Gigs

December 31, 2011

Dear Forum,

First, Happy New Year to y'all!!!!!

What I need help on is a batch file that I can put on a floppy that can

execute a Ghost.exe DOS file that is on the G:\ Drive.

A little background:

1. I've been using Ghost since version 5 back in 1995.

2. I've always used a Ghost boot floppy with an Autoexec.bat file

to do my bidding.

3. When Ghost 2003 came out, I could not use it with an Autoexec.bat

file because I did not want to "Mark" my HDD, just too "Big Brotherish"

for me.

4. I then got a hold of Ghost Corporate v7.5 and THAT worked great with

my Ghost floppy sets to:

Make to HDD
Make to CD
Make to HDD And CD
CRC Check HDD Image
CRC Check CD Image
Restore From HDD
Restore From CD

Whatever I wanted to do, I just popped in the appropriate floppy and

turned my computer on and Ghost did its thing.

The above worked with my Windows 98SE box, but my new Windows 7

box doesn't "play nice" with Ghost Corporate v7.5 but is OK with

Ghost v11.5. BUT, v11.5 is 2262 KB's so I'm FORCED to go the

"Bootable CD" or "Bootable USB" Thumb Drive route.

I just want to keep it via floppies!

This is how I'm presently set up on my 98SE box for making

an image file of C:, putting it on my HDD and then CRC checking the


@echo off
GhostCE.exe -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:1,dst=G:\01_Ghost\Newest.gho -z3 -fx -sure
GhostCE.exe -chkimg,G:\01_Ghost\Newest.gho -sure

Soooo, what I want to do is put the Ghost v11.5 DOS exe in

a folder on the G:\ Drive and have the boot floppy run an Autoexec.bat

file to go to it and do what I want it to do, be it Make to HDD or CRC

Check CD Image, etc...

The folder I made is G:\!-Ghost and I named the Ghost file


Can anyone come up with a batch file to give me joy????

Thanks in advance.


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January 1, 2012 at 11:10:25
Trial and error got me the answer that worked

perfectly on my Windows 7 box from a boot floppy:

@echo off
CD \!-Ghost

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January 3, 2012 at 18:46:25
Spoke too soon. For some reason I now get the proverbial "Bad command or file name".

I even tried going with...

@echo off
CD \!-Ghost

NO joy!



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January 4, 2012 at 22:01:57
January 4, 2012

Dear Forum,

A bit of background and mini-update...

1 TB HDD with the following

C: 75 Gigs NTFS Windows 7 64 Bit

D: 25 Gigs NTFS Program Files

E: 15 Gigs NTFS

F: 600 Gigs Fat32

G: 30 Gigs Fat32 Ghost Images

H: to M: various sizes all Fat32.

Z: is my DVD Burner (1st thing I always do on an install is set CD\DVD to Z)

I built a "Standard Ghost Bootable CD/DVD--on Steroids" from NightOwl

at the Radified Ghost board:

I added the ahci.sys file, for Ghost to see SATA CD\DVD drives from:

and added this line in the config.sys file:

device=ahci.sys /d:nightowl

I added an Autoexec. bat file with this in it:

@echo off
Ghost115.exe -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:1,dst=1:5\01_Ghost\Newest.gho -z3 -fx -sure
Ghost115.exe -chkimg,1:5\01_Ghost\Newest.gho -sure

and booting from the DVD in the BIOS, Ghost made an image of my C: drive, CRC checked

(or Verified) it and put it into my G:'s 01_Ghost folder.

So, at least half of the problem is solved, but getting a FLOPPY to trigger

the "MakeHDD.bat" is still in need of solving.


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