elliptic curves cryptography in windows

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February 8, 2020 at 00:01:29
Specs: w7 64, i3 8G
elliptic curves cryptography in windows

or node.hs

or javascript

got a script?

Part of me thinks, well if nobody else knows I don't look so dumb.
Another part keeps hoping for help.

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March 25, 2020 at 04:28:34
OK, boys & girls, this takes hex keys and generates WIF keys.
Can somebody whang the WIF key into a WIF address?
Sounds easy if you say it fast.


import binascii, hashlib, base58, sys
arq = open('list-WIF.txt', 'w')

def convert(z):
    # Step 1: get the privatekey in extended format, this is hexadecimal upper or lower case.
    private_key_static = z
    # Step 2: adding 80 in the front for select de MAINNET channel bitcoin address
    extended_key = "80"+private_key_static+"01"
    # Step 3: first process SHA-256
    first_sha256 = hashlib.sha256(binascii.unhexlify(extended_key)).hexdigest()
    # Step 4: second process SHA-256
    second_sha256 = hashlib.sha256(binascii.unhexlify(first_sha256)).hexdigest()
    # Step 5-6: add checksum info to end of extended key
    final_key = extended_key+second_sha256[:8]
    # Step 7: finally the Wallet Import Format (WIF) is generated in the format base 58 encode of final_key
    WIF = base58.b58encode(binascii.unhexlify(final_key)).decode ('ascii')
    # Step 8: show the private key on usual format WIF for wallet import. Enjoy!
    print ("Private Key on WIF Compressed format below")
    print (WIF)
    arq.write("%s \n" % WIF)

with open("brute-pvks.txt") as file:
    for line in file:
        print (str.strip(line))

print ("_________________________________")
print ("Donations for BTC: 13dSqMNqWf6if1hUJ3gkzircgaAHsDLzs3")

#just run with Python 3+ for more compatibility

#python.exe pvkmassconvert.py


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