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March 4, 2009 at 15:01:48
Specs: windows pro x64, athlon 4g
hello! I'm doing my homework and cannot figure this out so please help. ok I'm suppose to create a windows application that will allow users to input any year that is greater then 2005 and beyond. once the user enter the year, like 2010, then the program will calculate the year population base on a 2% increase yearly. anyway I create a function and to solve this problem and the result is great but at the same time the requirement of the project is also to calculate the life expectancy too. I don't know how to return two value from the function as a function return only a single value. How would I solve this problem. thank in advance!

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March 4, 2009 at 21:02:14
In C, you could use a struct or a string if you need to use a multi value returning function. You could also just pass the pop and life vars by reference and save yourself the grief. :P

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

typedef struct {
   float var_a;
   float var_b;
} mystruct;

mystruct *by_struct(int year) {

   mystruct *tmp = (mystruct *)malloc(sizeof(*tmp));

   // calc pop and life 
   tmp->var_a = pop_value;
   tmp->var_b = life_value;

   return (tmp);

char *by_string(int year) {

   char *tstr = malloc(BUFSIZ);

   // calc pop and life values
   sprintf(tstr, "%0.2f#%0.2f", pop_value, life_value);

   return (tstr);

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
   mystruct *s = NULL;  
   char *p = NULL;
   float a = 0.0f, b = 0.0f;

   s = by_struct(some_year);
   printf("by_struct = %.2f, %.2f\n", s->var_a, s->var_b);

   p = by_string(some_year);
   sscanf(p, "%f#%f", &a, &b);
   printf("by_str = %.2f, %.2f\n", a, b);


   return (0);

I'm still a bit rusty with C, so whether or not that compiles, runs, and terminates normally is anyone's guess. Nonetheless, HTH.

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March 4, 2009 at 21:33:26
Well this what I have but in VB. for some reason the population return correctly but the life expectancy value remains the same.

   Select Case intSelectedCounty
                Case 0
'this is the calling function

                    dblFuturePopulation = China(decDifferenceOfYear)
                    dblFutureLifeExpectancy = ChinaLife(decDifferenceOfYear)
 'this sub-function will calculate china life expectancy
    Private Function ChinaLife(ByVal decYearInput As Decimal) As Decimal
        Dim dblChinaCurrentLife As Double = 72.3R
        Dim dblAnnualLifeIncrease = 0.0000023R
        Dim decYearStart As Decimal = 1D
        Dim decYearEnd As Decimal = decYearInput
        Dim decYearLoop As Decimal
        Dim decIncreaseLife As Decimal
        Dim dblFutureLife As Decimal

        For decYearLoop = decYearStart To decYearEnd Step 1
            decIncreaseLife = dblChinaCurrentLife * dblAnnualLifeIncrease
            dblFutureLife = decIncreaseLife + dblChinaCurrentLife
            dblChinaCurrentLife += decIncreaseLife

        Return dblFutureLife
    End Function

'this below function will  calculate china Population 

Private Function China(ByVal decYearDifference As Decimal) As Double

        Dim dblChinaCurrentPop As Double = 1306314000.0R
        Dim decAnnualRateOfPopChange As Decimal = 0.006D
        Dim decYearStart As Decimal = 1D
        Dim decYearEnd As Decimal = decYearDifference
        Dim decYearLoop As Decimal
        Dim dblIncreasePop As Double
        Dim dblFuturePop As Double

        For decYearLoop = decYearStart To decYearEnd Step 1
            dblIncreasePop = dblChinaCurrentPop * decAnnualRateOfPopChange
            dblFuturePop = dblIncreasePop + dblChinaCurrentPop
            dblChinaCurrentPop += dblIncreasePop


        Return dblFuturePop

    End Function

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