copy all files and folders from current folder

March 31, 2012 at 03:45:36
Specs: Windows xp
hi i found lots of batch files that can copy files or folders but i need a special one
first of all i have more than 3000 folders including subfolder in my multi hard drives so i dont want to type each folder name or its drive name so i added my batch file to right click of my mouse
i want every time that i execute my batch in any of my folders it scan files and folders names including subfolders and make a report.text file
then copy these files and folders from current folder to a new destination d:\bacup
how can i do it
i would be very glad if you write a batch script for me
by the way i found lots of batch file but none of them was the write one

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April 1, 2012 at 22:43:42
i have a batch script
its working but not the way i want !! :P
i dont know why it copy but the structures of destination folders and files are not the same as source !
i mean it copy lots of files out of their folders and some subfolders never copid !!
those were not read only or system type ! ???
have a look at script and see if can help? ;)

@echo off
dir/s/b/ad | find/v "()"> filelist.txt
FOR /F "skip=1 eol= tokens=* delims= usebackq" %%i IN (filelist.txt) DO xcopy/e/y/c "%%i" d:\backup

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