complicated script (paying 100$ in bitcoin)

September 7, 2015 at 15:24:09
Specs: Windows 7
To get this job done faster, I'm willing to pay 100$ in bitcoin to whoever can get it done (I just need confirmation from a reputable user (nbrane,razor2.3 that he/she has the exact script done and I will send the payment to the bitcoin address provided before the script is given to me).

Basically, here is a thorough description of what I want done:

In a file that we will name list.txt we have around 100 sites, in the format:

In receipt.txt, we will have our letter as follows.

I want a batch script that when I run, will extract the first site in the list of list.txt, in that example case would be, then it would replace all the occurrences of '' in receipt.txt with the newly extracted site from list.txt, so the letter would now look as follows:

Then, I want it to inject the first line of the letter into my clipboard which would in this case be:

Now after I press enter, I want it to then inject the third line of the letter into my clipboard which would be:
Dear User

After I again press enter, I want it to finally inject the last part of the letter into my clipboard which would be:
Hi, I see you are registered in Would you be interested in discussing another idea?

After I press enter for a third time, I want it to now go to the second site (from up to down) in list.txt and repeat the exact process so in that case, when the second one is done, the first line of the letter will be:

I want it to do all of that until all the sites are finished.
I also want it to display on the prompt in real-time which site it is dealing with and I want it to list how many sites remain.
Each time it goes onto a new site, i want it to clear the screen "cls".

As I said before, any reputable user who has done this, give me your btc address to send 100$ as compensation.


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September 8, 2015 at 01:21:19
I can probably muddle through the find n replace, the 'get needed lines' and all. But I dunno "inject into clipboard".

Nor am I with you on the pressing enter many times. That's what scripts usually avoid.

But hey, it's your $100


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