Compare more than two CSV's using batch script

June 22, 2020 at 03:11:03
Specs: Windows 7

I have same use case as mentioned in the below link and I have referred same batch script mentioned in below link

In addition I want to compare two more CSV's that have a common column named as "Department". But, there is a condition to create the output xml. If the values "Department" in all 3 CSV's are same then create a common tag for the rows else create another tag if "Department" is unmatched.

CSV's format are as follow:

CSV 1:

Department Emp_Name Emp_No
Development Priya 23
Development Neel 21
HR Sneha 45
HR Riya 76
Testing Swapna 54

CSV 2:

Deparment city_branch

HR pune
HR Mumbai
R&D Delhi

CSV 3:

Deparment city_branch_code
Devolopment D123
HR H123
R&D R321
Marketing M456

Expected output:
<Department = Development>
<Emp_Name=Priya Emp_No=23 />
<Emp_Name=Neel Emp_No=21 />

<Department = HR>
<Emp_Name=Sneha Emp_No=45 />
<Emp_Name=Riya Emp_No=76 />

<Department = Testing>
<Emp_Name=Swapna Emp_No=54 />
<Emp_Name=Aakash Emp_No=34 />

<Department =R&D >
< city_branch=Delhi/>

<Department =Marketing >

Any help??

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