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Can I Use The Mouse In a Batch Menu?

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Hi, I have created a batch file which uses the following format:

:: ————————————- menu ——————————————

ECHO Main Menu
ECHO ———
ECHO [1] Install Office 2010

SET /P mm=Please Select:

IF /I %mm%==1 GOTO inst-off
GOTO ch-main

:: “%tools%\office tools\” are set
START /D “%tools%\office tools\” office2010.exe
GOTO mainmenu


:: ———————————————————————————————————–

What i’m after is being able to click the menu option and have the batch file perform the action required as if i’d typed the number in the menu…

Any clues?


1 Answer

  1. I wrote a batch utility that may be of interest:…

    Edit: By which I mean that it can accept mouse and keyboard input.

    I also renamed it (twice) since I posted…

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