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Can anyone explain how to create structures?

March 7, 2011 at 09:19:53
Specs: Windows 7
Please any ideas would help..I have a school assignment that instructs me to create a hierachial structure of what i do on my Pc daily. What processes and order. I have to begin at the start up and in detail state everything until shut down. i have to creat a diagram and write my process. I can not seem to write program words such as doc.x/boot//??? and my process needs written in that form.Any help or suggestions for someone computer illiterate like me? My list of daily uses are start up to desktop to program files to IE to google then search, next school login school home,school mail,do work,save,sign out, go back to web,go to favs,check email accounts,(3)respond etc.,check , go to web,then optionals such bank account,music,radioreference, social networks,(these are all changing always)then finish,desktop shut down PC.WHERE and how?is the best way to find the words and how to write this?a website?Can i just make up names like for school use/sch/loginin/home/class/work/ ?or do i need ..//??==<> signs like are tech used? Please can anyone give a some ideas on how to do this?? Thanks

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March 7, 2011 at 10:53:33
If I understand what you are describing it is just an ordered layout of tasks and functions, something to bring order out of chaos. Nothing special about the at all.

If you have access to MS Word the Outlining function of that is ideal for what you are trying to do.

However, if you are talking about structures in a programming environment, that is a different thing altogether. How to do that is dependent on which programming language you are using,.


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March 8, 2011 at 19:54:17
Hi Stuart, Thank you for writing back to me. No matter how hard i try to understand computers I cant seem to comprehend parts. My assignment is/was "List things I do daily on my PC,show the process with a diagram,show files,folders,subfolders..This was for showing how we file and organize. After it is down,my next question was "Naming a filing Convention"(and I was told to change Stephanies file/my files.)I did the assignments twice so far with 2 different Professors and I did better with my first. I know what and how(I think)to do a process list and I can use my MS Office templates to create the tree but #1 I did not go into detail enough#2 Where or how do I find the boot/%/win7/doc. terms?I know only 3 or so and still not 100% right. That is my biggest reason for failing. THANKS 4 LISTENING

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March 8, 2011 at 20:40:10
To be honest Stephanie I think you are reading more into the assignment than there is ,

I don't have access to your professor so I can only go by what you are telling me so you need to be very precise.

List things I do daily on my PC,show the process with a diagram,show files,folders,subfolders..

This just seems like an exercise in organisation. Your professor is asking you to to organize your day in a way the other people can understand; to put what is in your mind onto paper, Once you have your thoughts on paper, or a computer screen, it can help you to see things more clearly to get things better organised.

Naming a filing Convention"

Again this is an organisation thing. How do you organise files so that you have a good idea of where to find them even before you start looking,. Administrators have been doing this kind of thing for years, long before computers were invented. The only difference is that you have a computer to help you,

boot/%/win7/doc. terms?

I am afraid this doesn't mean a lot to me at all. You are going to have to explain this in a little more detail.


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March 8, 2011 at 22:40:36
HaHA, I am sorry. Those word/charac% thing was ot suppose to. I would be really afraid if I started making sense all of a sudden. I do make a big deal out of things buts that is not my mind putting //:% everywhere. You are right though. He wanted the things I do and the order done daily(system is the root, and branch off is my interpretation. He may be upset because i haven't much to put in this diagram or list. I specifically use this for projecta like school and and mail. If i see something of interest I check it out but it varies and I do not download nor save. What does he want then?LOL.. He did say use F1,F2, and commands. After I replied 2 the last message,I read more on this site. I learned a few terms here.(such as tmp,src,lib,sbin,proc,I DIDNTKNOW how 2 abbr the words correctly) I read some interesting virus messages! I know I am slow but people actually ask your site to to send them?HaHa. i may be smarter than I thought. i am sorry if I bothered you. BTW,its the standard internet class that assignment was for. We are studying MS2010. So yes he is curious about my organization skills but mainly on how to use WORD. I think. I need to learn better filing skills I am doing it now but I used to throw everything together!I just dont think it's fair if I fail due to not enough processes. Do you? THANKS Stephanie,

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