BAT FILE Programming LOGIC for Backups

Macintosh / G5 1.8 powerpc
November 2, 2011 at 19:19:53
Specs: 10.4.11, Intel

I've created a simple bat file to backup a working NW Drive to an External USB drive, which is connected to the computer on which that bat file will run.

There is about 8 GB or so on the drive to BU and it runs every night (automatically via Windows Task Scheduler).

My main concern is that I've set this up correctly to get everything needed.

To avoid re-copying things unnecessarily, I used the /d switch...thinking that will copy any NEW file (files that did not exist before the last bu) and then only re-copy files that have changed since the last BU.

(I'm using this method to be as "low impact" as possible....want to avoid the overhead of special BU software just for a straight copy)

Q: Does the below xcopy command do this correctly? AND....if it runs consistently every night...will it keep everything up to date.....or, logically, do I need to do a COMPLETE BU once a week?

Also....should I include /V as well to be safe?

xcopy S:\*.* /s/c/d E:\ServerBU\ /y

Thanks very much.

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November 4, 2011 at 03:06:04
Hi Kev.

Only you can decide if your backup is being created correctly and can successfully be accessed. In my limited experience many users create backup but never ever test or verify it by creating a situation where the backup is the only source of input.

Interesting that you use switches both before and after the destination, it's my understanding that XCopy switches should follow the destination, it may or may not be of any consequence.

Remembering that any electro-mechanical device such as a hard drive can fail catastrophically at any time it's my preference in my workplace to backup to a hard drive daily and to an optical device weekly and at other times throughout the year. The backup medium is stored off-site.

Good luck.


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