Auto-Dialing With a Modem

December 10, 2012 at 07:34:32
Specs: Windows
Ok... so here's the situation.

I work at a high school and during class change they play music over the speakers. But it is all done by hand.

Is there any way to plug the phone line into a computer, have it dial the code for an "all-call" and then play a specified sound file for a specific amount of time? And then schedule what time on what days to do so?

It seems like a VERY basic thing to make a computer do, but alas I don't know how. I have a small amount of vb programming knowledge so if there's a way to like embed it into an excel spreadsheet where we can type the times in that would be amazing.


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December 10, 2012 at 16:20:24
It could be automated but the effort and equipment required probably doesn't make it worth while.

I have ni idea how a phone line line and a dial-ip Modem would have anything to do with this. Unless the original music is being played over a phone, which I very much doubt, there is no point in involving a phone line.

It is more likely a CD player in the school secretaries office plugged into the the intercom system.


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December 10, 2012 at 18:01:14
Can you pop a patch from the output of a soundcard into the intercom directly? Most intercoms have a jack for "music-on-hold" or something like it. If you need to dial an all-call (something like [itcm *] maybe), then maybe Rasdial can do the dialing. If the phone-system and intercom are key-system based, however, there may be difficulties there. I am not "there" to experiment, and I don't have any equipment, so you will have tackle the front-line combat. You will need to consult the manuals or tech-support for the intercom/phone system you are using. It's never as easy as we think (unless we're professionals, and I know I am not!)
If you get that far, the computer control will probably not be hard: media-player set up on an "at" or "schtasks", and a time-out (task-kill) setting.

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