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April 7, 2016 at 10:26:43
Specs: Windows 10
This should be easy and quick for anyone with batch coding knowledge.

I want a batch file that will allow me to run it, then:
Let me input information and save it so that it's there the next time I run the batch.
Example: I wanna be able to:

Open batch, input website url, username, & password in an organized list.
I don't need it to log me in or open the sites.
I just need an organized system.

Example 2:
'Batch Runs'
'Ready for user input' (dont say this)
Say I wanna make a list of my emails I have and their passwords and have it organized.
Also, I wanna be able to save that batch, and open it and add more of those similar inputs as well.
If possible, also save website url's, username, & passwords.

*Batch Runs*
*List options:
1. Email & password input.
2. Website url, email, username & password.
3. *Use this for notes I might wanna add*
4. If you think of something good to add, then try it.

Title - Lists
1. Email & password input.
2. Website url, email, username & password.
3. *Use this for notes I might wanna add*
4. If you think of something good to add, then try it.

If you'd rather code it a different way for user inputs, thats fine. As long as it's organized.
Like for example, if instead of 1. Email & password input in 1 option, maybe make it like this:

1. Email input
Password for email
2. Website URL
3. Notes

***I wanna have a batch file that saves my website and email logins and will save them and show them everytime I run the file.***

I'm using Windows 10 Home if it matters.

If you're willing to help me, hit me up on skype: thaendgame
I'd be willing to pay a small fee for successful help.

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April 7, 2016 at 13:38:39
Just for info, folk on here don't normally respond on Skype or email, nor is this a paid coding service.

Just keep an eye on this post and respond to anyone who decides to help. The best way is to make a start on your code then if you run into problems folk can help you from there.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 7, 2016 at 20:42:17
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I use the following simple batch to do more-or-less what you've described, except for the "organized" part. I do not observe any formal or strict formatting in this approach. All it amounts to is a textfile accessed using "FIND" to pull out lines that match. "EDIT" is used to create and maintain the file, but I doubt if EDIT is win-10-friendly, so you may have to substitute a crappier thing like notepad. Note that sensitive/critical passwords are NOT protected, so for bank account access and such-like, I recommend something like KeePass or my home-grown version found here:pass.bat
Here is my "phones.bat" for phone-numbers and miscellaneous-whatever:
::===== begin batch 'PHONE.BAT'
@echo off & setlocal
:: set your path and text-file-name here:
set phones=c:\doc\phones
set string=%*
if not defined string set string=""
:: strip quotes cause don't know if there are any
set string=%string:"=%
:: add them back to encapsulate search string for FIND
set string="%string%"
:: if no argument, default to EDIT
if %string% equ "" (
edit %phones%
) else (
echo search string: %string% in file: %phones%
echo ------------------------------------
find /i %string%<%phones%||(
echo string not found.
rem you could also put the EDIT feature here to allow entry or mods
rem edit %phones%
goto :eof
::============= end batch 'PHONE'
very simple and crude, but it works for me since I am also. EDIT lets you do all the deleting, adding and mods without a bunch of menus and queries. The "loose" (ie: non-existant) structure allows maximum flexibility in what and how you want to record anything, so for "organization" you'll have to tweak it using delimiters for the four items you wanted.

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