WiFi connection between desktop and HP PDA

Hewlett-packard Ipaq pocket pc hx2795
December 29, 2010 at 17:53:38
Specs: Windows 5.0
What frustration. Even when I try to follow the steps outlined by HP, I still cannot connect my HP iPAQ 2795 with WiFi to my "recognized" Linksys E3000 router. My PDA attempts connection, but that's where it ends. And there are so many different settings on my PDA that it's confusing, especially when HP doesn't address half of them. I guess where I really flounder is with the so-called "Network Key" and/or "SSID". Or am I supposed to enter an IP??? Where does the Linksys password come into play, as I was required to enter this for my new printer and BlueRay player??? Also, depending on how the network authentication is configured, it might allow me to use IEEE access control and pick from an EAP type, whatever all this means. And, I can also modify my WiFi adapter settings (if necessary?).

I am computer savy to a point, and I know that some computer terms can be interchanged with others, but when there is no consistency with phrases, I get lost. I would really appreciate if someone would, in very simple terms, explain to me how I should go about getting my PDA to link up with the Linksys. The HP is Windows 5.

At work, it was a piece of cake. A prompt came up asking for a password, and wa-la, connected. Why can't my router be the same?

My options under settings (or Network Cards) include authentication (WPA-PSK, open, shared, WPA), data encryption (WEP, TKIP), network key, 802.1x.

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February 3, 2011 at 19:29:17
Hello, sir. Let me see if I can assist you in solving your problem as quickly as possible.

First of all, the ESSID or the SSID is, simply put, the broadcasted name of your wireless Internet network from your router. In other words, if on Windows XP, for instance, in the list of wireless networks, you see "My Home Network", then this is the SSID of the network. This should not, with the HP Wireless Assistant, need to be entered.

However, the next part of your question deals with your WPA pre-shared key, which allows you to securely connect to your wireless network, blocking others from connecting without your key. You will need to enter your network key, and not your IP address, into the tooltip or dialog box that appears in order to connect.

Your IP address should be picked up by Windows, which your pocket PC is running. This shouldn't need to be entered. Windows Mobile 5 is actually a stable release of the pocket PC operating system released by Microsoft, so most functions should work correctly.

If you cannot connect, it is most likely due to improper settings. Does your computer support 802.11b, 802.11g, or a both (supports either 802.11b and 802.11g? If your router supports a "mixed" mode (meaning it broadcasts 802.11b and 802.11g), turn it on. If you have it on a mode your HP cannot understand, this may be causing the problem. You can find information on what your model supports here:


Lastly, you may need to, from your desktop computer, reset your router. Since you understand how to login to your router (you mentioned you knew of your settings available on it), type in your router's address into your browser, and reset the router. If the HP does not connect before the reset, it is possible that the reset will get the connection working on the computer. Similar problems have been encountered on a Siemens router.

I hope this accurately answers your question satisfactorily. If this does not clearly help answer your question, please feel free to post back to report your computer's current working state.

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