i have ipaq compaq h3800 series how i use it?

December 30, 2010 at 00:13:40
Specs: Windows XP
i have ipaq compaq h3800 series how i use it?

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January 28, 2011 at 16:09:38
Congratulations on getting your little pocket computer.

That's a very long question. :)

First of all, a pocket PC is used with a touch-sensitive screen controlled by a tool called a stylus or "pen". Think of it like an actual pen, except that it virtually is your keyboard and your mouse. Always use the stylus--don't use a pencil or pen, or your fingernail. Sometimes, though, it is okay to use your finger if you need to. :)

To "click" anything, tap on it with your "pen". File Explorer, and some programs will allow you to right-click as well. To do that, hold down your tap for a few seconds, and you will be able to right-click. To drag, tap the item you want to drag, and lift the pen off the screen to release (drop) it. That is how you use the pen like a mouse. :)

To use it as your keyboard, tap the keyboard icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. A virtual keyboard should pop up, allowing you to type.

Otherwise, as far as software is concerned, you *do* have a PC with a mobile version of Windows installed on it. You probably noticed you have the familiar "Start" menu, a clock, and the notification area. (One thing that I highly recommend, though, if you want to "turn on" the taskbar on the pocket PC, is to install WKTask. This will give you a taskbar like how XP does. Otherwise, open the Start menu, and tap Today to minimize everything and see your desktop again--that's what Windows Mobile defaults to--I prefer the taskbar much more. :).)

Now that you know how to use the stylus or "pen", and what your pocket PC is and what it does, you can browse the Internet with Internet Explorer, play music with Windows Media Player, and write documents with Microsoft Word. Note, however, that these mobile programs will be more limited than the ones found in 7 or XP.

You can put files on the computer by saving them like you would on a laptop. To take files off of the pocket PC, you can sync it to a PC with ActiveSync installed. Simply Google or Bing "ActiveSync" to see how you can download and install it. What's easier, however, is to buy a card and card reader, and transfer files on and off the card. Think of it like a giant floppy disk that can pop in and out of your computer. You can even buy a compatible printer, and print from your pocket PC if you wish.

I hope I've helped answer your question in a nutshell. :) Have fun using your new computer. :)

(Oh, and I might add, to turn off the stuff on the Today screen to have a nice desktop like you'd expect on a PC, go to Start, tap Settings, tap Today, and turn off all the little tidbits (like Tasks, Appointments, etc.) that you don't want on it, and set a wallpaper to make it your own. You CAN'T make desktop shortcuts on pocket PCs, though.)

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