Solved Why is my byte count dropping on completion of backup?

December 27, 2015 at 19:25:19
Specs: OpenVms
I am running an image backup of my hard drive. The alpha hard drive is 9gb. The actual used size is 5.1gb. My destination is a usb drive hanging from a windows 7 pc. So I have the usb drive mounted using dnfs. From the alphas perspective, the usb drive is listed as dnfs7:.
Problem: The command runs fine
"bac/image/ign=(int,lab)/list dka0: dnfs7:[annual_backup]cdcmdka020151227.bck /save_set".
But when I watch the byte count incrementing on the usb drive, it looks good until it hits 4gb, then it stops counting but the backup continues until it finishes. Then the byte count on the usb drops from 4gb to 312,590kb.

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January 8, 2016 at 18:51:45
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Check the size on a windows box and I'll bet is the correct size. You are likely hitting a wrap-around of a 32 bit value. I don't know the NFS codebase, but if you use 64bit math, the value you see is likely to be the lower 32 bits of a 64bit value.

Just to be clear, the count is likely to be correct. It is the display of that count that has a 32bit limit with the actual display showing you only the lower 32 bits of the actual count value.


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