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September 25, 2009 at 14:12:06
Specs: VMS
I am trying to set up scripts to SFTP files from OPEN VMS 8.3 to SUN without hardcoding passwords.

So I am trying to set up AUTHORIZED KEYS with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sun is running
SUN_SSH_1.1.1, ssh protocols 1.2/2.0 openssl

On the vms side it is
Reflection for Secure IT on Process Software MultiNet (OpenVMS-AXP)

So far I have done the following:

multinet sshkeygen/ssh2

created identification file containing
idkey id_dsa_1024_a

copied the id_ds_1024_a.pub to unix box

on unix side i have done
ssh-keygen -i -f id_dsa_1024_a.pub >> authorized

from vms side

It fails:

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July 8, 2011 at 12:06:25
We have upgraded to Itanium in VMS and ever since the upgrade, I cannot SFTP to the Linux server. Nothing in the authorization key has changed, but now it continually prompts for a password. I have run it in debug and it this is the message I am getting.

debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password'.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1503: Starting pubkey auth...
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1442: ssh_client_auth_pub
key_agent_open_complete agent=0x0
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1460: Agent is not running
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1309: Got 0 keys from the agent.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1396: adding keyfile "SAIC$ROOT:[JEH.SSH2]ID_DSA_1024_A" to candidates
debug: (09:13:45)SshKeyFile/SSHKEYFILE.C;5:381: file SAIC$ROOT:[JEH.SSH2]ID_DSA_1024_A.pub does not exist.
warning: Could not read public key file SAIC$ROOT:[JEH.SSH2ID_DSA_1024_A.pub
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:1289: Trying 0 key candidates.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/AUTHC-PUBKEY.C;5:758: All keys declined by server, disabling method.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthClient/SSHAUTHC.C;5:327: Method 'publickey' disabled.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthClient/SSHAUTHC.C;5:398: Attempting authentication with method none.
debug: (09:13:45)SshSubSystemFdStream/SSHUNIXFDSTREAM.C;8:319: writing 1096 bytes
debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password'.
debug: (09:13:45)Ssh2AuthPasswdClient/AUTHC-PASSWD.C;5:115: Starting password auth...
jhughes's password:

Manually entering the password allows entry of course.

I checked the permissions, and they are set correctly. Anyone have any ideas?

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