Need help with VMS OPERATOR.LOG Message.

October 29, 2020 at 10:25:39
Specs: Windows 10
One of our DS-25 Alpha’s that we use for our SCADA System started to show issues with the Mailbox Router and one of the tasks actually had a RWMBX Message when I did a Show System Command. Also there were numerous logs of this in the OPERATOR.LOG File:

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 27-OCT-2020 09:14:50.69 %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on CVHQB
Event: Unavailable User Buffer from: Node LOCAL:.CVHQB CSMA-CD Station CSMACD-0,
at: 2020-10-27-09:14:50.694-08:00Iinf
eventUid DE01860B-1834-11EB-BF0C-AA0004000C04
entityUid 4D8FADB1-2595-11EA-8698-AA0004000C04
streamUid 4FFE5BAF-2595-11EA-87E7-AA0004000C04

Have you guys ever seen this issue before?


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