Solved Work out price of fabric for what I cut only.

May 23, 2017 at 17:33:37
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So I need help with a formular, new to excel. I have fabric say 1 metre x 150cm, I want to work out the price for the portion I cut and use.

eg. 1 meter x 150cm = $6.95 - what if I only cut 16cm x 16cm = what will be the price? And can you lovely people show me the excel formular. I also want this formula to be flexible as in - if the fabric I bought is 3 metres x 146cm or other figures can this formular be saved and only punch in metres figure, cm figure and price per metre figure to work out the portion figure also enabling spots for the actual cm size cut. Hope that makes sense.

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May 23, 2017 at 18:12:42
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Here is one of the many ways to accomplish your goal. I'm sure others with have other suggestions, some probably better than mine. Please refer to the example table below.

First, I converted all m to cm for ease of display and to keep the calculations simpler.

The following cells contain values that the user enters:

A2 & B2: The Length and Width of the full piece, in cm.
D2: The price of the full piece.
A5 & B5: The Length and Width of the cut piece, in cm.

The following cells contain formulas:

C2: =A2*B2 (This calculates the square centimeters of the full piece)
E2: =D2/C2 (This calculates the price per square centimeter)

C5: =A5*B5 (This calculates the square centimeters of the cut piece)
D5: =C5*E2 (This multiplies the square centimeters of the cut piece by the price per square centimeter to get the total price for the cut piece.)

           A                 B              C         D         E
1     Full Length (cm)  Full Width (cm)    cm^2     Price    Price/cm^2 
2         100               150           15000      6.95    0.000463333
4     Cut Length (cm)   Cut Width (cm)     cm^2     Price	
5          16                16            256	     0.12

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May 24, 2017 at 07:57:38
Hi Derbydad03, thanks for this. You saved me so much time.



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