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Wordpad Default Paper Size

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Both in Windows 7 and 10 there is this property in Wordpad that lets you choose the “paper size” (in Page Setup), and my question is this:

This constantly is set to “Letter”, and also sometimes to “A4”
As you know, “Letter” is the standard in US, while “A4” is the standard in most of Europe.

The thing is that – when opening a new file – you can find the setting to “Letter” in some cases, and to “A4” in other case. It’s been hundred, possibly thousand of time I have set it from Letter to A4.

So, it would be handy if it would be set correctly, always. What happens is this: the default settings for Orientation is portrait, and every time I need to have it landscape, I end up in the same screen where I can switch the Type to A4.

But if I don’t need to change the Orientation, the Paper Type remains set to the default ( Letter ) and is saved as such.

So, how do you set this correctly, if not through the Region setting of Windows, because that is set to Europe already.