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June 11, 2010 at 16:43:53
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 2.194 GHz / 3581 MB
I have been struggling with Word save issues for a couple of weeks now. There has been no obvious or recent software downloaded. I followed some online help last week, making sure the Folder Options in Windows isn't searchign for network folders and printers, which seemed to cause the problem to go away. Another suggestion was to turn off the autosave in Word, but since I work big, multiple docs at one time, Autosave is my savior. But now the problem is back. I've got 3 docs, Doc A is the master, huge at 374 pages, the document is unstable (constantly counting words) and I must divide it up. I created two new docs, Doc B to take sections 8-10 and DocC to take 11 to 17. What happens is I can't save any of the docs. I turned Autosave off. I get a "jenga" puzzle icon in the bottom of the Words window showing that it is saving Doc B, Doc C, and Doc A. If I click back into DocA, it shows the word count going crazy, counting into the tens of millions. If I "x" out the saves and try to quit and save, it still goes back to the Jenga puzzle and nothing saves. I've waited overnight, nothing saves. I've quit every other application, nothing saves. It still shows it trying to save the first Doc A. The new Doc B and C have the correct save as names, but the files have 0 bytes.

Anybody have any ideas?

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June 11, 2010 at 17:48:26
Try this:

It could be your global template is corrupt or there is something loading automatically in your Word Startup folder that is misconfigured or corrupt.

To check:
Go to Start
Click on Run.
Type winword.exe /a

This launches Word with a clean, empty template and no add-ins.

If Word launches OK, it is probably either a bad normal.dot file or a corrupt add-in

To get a new clean template, close Word and do a search of your computer for normal.dot file and delete it. If there is more than one, rename or delete ALL of them.

Now, when you launch Word, it will look for normal.dot and since it can't find it, it will recreate a new clean one.

In XP, the normal.dot file is a hidden system file and may not show up when you do a search for it.
If you are unable to find it,
Go to My Computer
Click the Tools menu
Choose Folder Options.
Click on the View Tab
Put a check where it says, "Show hidden files and folders"
and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
and "Hide protected operating system files".

If you still can't find it, look here:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

See if that helps.



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June 11, 2010 at 17:50:01
Also, have you tried a Detect & Repair?

On the Task Bar,
Detect & Repair



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June 12, 2010 at 04:31:17

If you open Word and create a new document and do not open your documents 'A', 'B' or 'C', does the new document behave normally - write a few lines, save, close and then re-open it, and see if all works OK.

If so your original documents are likely corrupted.


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