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Solved Using Charts Microsoft Word 2013

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Hey Everyone,

Well, I just downloaded Microsoft Office Professional a few days ago. So, I just opened up Word for the first time because I needed to create a chart for a school thing. My question is, how do I create a chart in Word 2013?

This may sound quite stupid, but I just can’t get it to work. When I go to Insert > Chart, it brings up a menu with all the charts. Then I click on the chart I want (in this case it was a line chart, but I did try all the others too) and then click OK. And…nothing.

I’ve looked online at dozens of tutorials on creating charts, but I still haven’t gotten anywhere. Is there anything I’m missing?



1 Answer

  1. Yeah, I just tried using Object to create the chart. For the most part it worked, although when I clicked the chart to edit it, it made the program look like it was running in Vista…also it crashed when I first tried to add the chart, saying ‘Another Program is waiting for an OEM operation’ and I had to go into Task Manager to get it to close. A couple other times Word stopped responding, and once it decided not to display the page so I had to close it and relaunch Word.
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