tutorial help on indexing (excel)

April 7, 2012 at 02:21:41
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Dear all Dear all
i would like to do an inventory for a school project regarding library and one of the fields has to be a code which i will then place on the actual book, i would like to do is to assign a particular numbers in execel example from 100-200 (example for fiction books) 201-300 (for non-fiction books) etc... how can i do this automatically without looking what was the last entry....
the problem is so that i do not have the same number twice....any help or tutorial?


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April 7, 2012 at 07:21:11
Try this:

Column A is the Book Number
Column B is the Book Title

So your data looks like:

       A            B
1) Book Nmbr	Book title
2) 		Fahrenheit 451
3) 		Dune
4) 		Forty Signs of Rain
5) 		Nightfall

In Cell A2 enter this formula:


Drag down and your new data should look like:

       A            B
1) Book Nmbr	Book title
2) 	1	Fahrenheit 451
3) 	2	Dune
4) 	3	Forty Signs of Rain
5) 	4	Nightfall

If you want a specific set of numbers,
IE you want all Sci-Fi to be 100's
then simply modify the First number in
the range, so above you would change the
number 1 to 101 and you get:

       A            B
1) Book Nmbr	Book title
2)   101	Fahrenheit 451
3)   102	Dune
4)   103	Forty Signs of Rain
5)   104	Nightfall

You lose the formula in just the first cell,
but you get the number range you want, it like
a seed number.

See how that works for you.



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