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Transcribe Notes from Voice Recorder & Filing

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February 7, 2010 at 18:17:44
Specs: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, TBD
Greetings. I'm not really sure this is the right forum but this seems like the closest I'm going to get.

I have a voice recorder which I make notes on things to myself as they come to me to supplement my poor memory. At the end of the day (or week) I have to play each audio file to myself and transcribe them into Notepad or Word so that I have a written record of the idea, reminder, or thought.

I am looking for a software program that I could type these notes into, label, and have it automatically sort them for me. Preferably I'd be able to search for them according to keyword or label.

For example, say I have three separate notes for today:
- Remember to hide magazines before family comes over.
- Mother-In-Law is allergic to fish. Remember to pick some up at the grocery store before Sunday.
- What if we use launderable fishnets instead of coffee filters at the office to save money?

Then I'd imagine the program would let me type in each separate note and let me label them say, the first two as "to remember" or "home" and the third as "work" or "ideas" etc.

Get what I mean? Does anything like that exist? Preferably for little or no money?

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February 7, 2010 at 19:22:40
As long as you are typing them manually, Excel (or Open Office Calc, which is free) could do it for you.

In Column A you would enter your labels and in Column B you would enter the text from your notes.

Sort the spreadsheet on Column A and all your labels would be grouped together, bringing your notes along with them.

You could even use a formula (or macro) so that entering an "r" would display "To Remember", "h" for "Home", etc.

BTW...I assume you know that voice recorders that can "transcribe themselves" are available.

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February 7, 2010 at 19:52:38
I don't mind the transcription part. Actually helps reinforce the notes in my head. But the filing and organizing, that's killing me. I'm going to wind up with a dozen folders with numerous subfolders and a million text documents.

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