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The Menu Bar In Excel 2003 Is Missing.

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Whenever I open the excel application there is no menu mar along the top of the worksheet. It was there before so unsure as to what I have done to lose it. I have tried closing down and rebooting etc but to no avail. Even when I open old excel documents that I know had the menu bar on them it has disappeared on these also.


2 Answers

  1. Is it just Excel? are other apps like Word OK?
    Try doing a repair, which you will have to do from Add Remove.

    Click Start
    Click Control Panel
    Select Add Remove Programs
    Scroll down until you get to the MS Office Program,
    when you click on it you should have two options, Change and Remove
    click on the Change button, it should then offer you more options, select the Repair option.

    You will probably need the original install media.

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