text in text boxes disappears (Office 365)

September 15, 2017 at 12:06:01
Specs: Windows 8
In Word, when I cut and paste text into a new text box, when I click outside of the text box the text disappears. AND when I click back in the text box I can't see the text either. When I right-click to select the text box I can very briefly see the pasted text, but then it disappears.

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September 15, 2017 at 12:17:36
OK...this may not help, but I'll toss it out anyway.

Some of the later versions of Office for Windows, such as 2010 and 2013, have known bugs when it comes to displaying and selecting things that are on the screen. For example, Excel has a nasty habit of selecting a range of cells instead of just the one you've selected. As you click around, the range keeps changing shape, but it stays hung up on multiple cells and you can't get it to select just one.

Believe it or not, the solution is to change the Zoom level of the displayed sheet, making it very small and then it bringing it back to the former setting. Suddenly you are now able to select a single cell. It's kind of like you shook the pointer loose. ;-) It seems that Excel doesn't play well with the display drivers.

You could give that try, or you could try minimizing then maximizing the window or dragging it to another monitor if you have one or Zooming it, etc.

If you find something that works, please post it here so that it will get stored in the archives.

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