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Microsoft Excel 2003 (full product)
November 16, 2009 at 22:52:24
Specs: Windows XP
Hi, I need to calculate how many times 2 specific characters appear in the same cell throughout an entire spreadsheet of about 98 columns and 98 rows, but I can't seem to find the right formula to do this. The characters would look like "+2" and "-4" for instance, and I need to find out the amount of those characters appear in the same cell together. If someone knows how to create a formula for this I would greatly appreciate some assistance. Thanks :)

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November 17, 2009 at 08:53:29

Do you have the 2 characters you are looking for in cell on the spreadsheet. For example does cell A1 contain -4
and then you want a count of the number of times -4 occurs embedded in the text of all the other cells (in the 98 columns etc.)


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November 17, 2009 at 09:20:47
From your post I gather you are only interested in cells with either a positive number (the plus sign)
or a negative number (the minus sign),
the numbers themselves are not important.

This would lead me to believe that your cells are formatted as TEXT, if so then try something like this:




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November 18, 2009 at 00:54:17
Thanks for responding guys! But I'm now realizing that this might work out better if I just count the cells manually, as strange as it sounds, lol. Thanks again for your help!

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