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Serial Number for Adobe Premier Pro CS4

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how can i generate serial number for my adobe premier pro cs4?
i tried to generate codes in the Adobe cs4 master collection keygen included in the installer but i cant get the right code for it. After clicking on the generate serial in the keygen window it will give this information which goes something like this (i just cant copy the image but it looks something like the format below)

Windows Serial : 1325-1492-1737-5523-5446-0175
Mac serial : 1325-0498-9600-8856-1513-4620
Generate Serial
Request code : this portion is blank
Authorization code: Invalid request code
Generate Activation

i tried to copy windows serial on the request code portion and after clicking on the Generate activation it will answer “Invalid Request Code” or sometimes “Invalid Old Request code”.
i also tried copying the mac serial on the request code portion but after hitting the Generate activation it will also anwer “Invalid Request Code”.

your help will be much appreciated. thanks in advance


1 Answer

  1. If you have a legal copy of Adobe software you should contact them for all such issues. If you do not have a legal copy, buy one.
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