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Solved search multiple words in excel 2010

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I need to seach a column, or an entire worksheet, for more than one term. For example, I want to find “red” or “blue”. Why is this so difficult?

Filtering doesn’t help because there are 100’s of cells in the column with different terms. If I filtered, I would have to scan the filter selections manually, which wouldn’t be any easier than looking at the document.

Would it help that the mulitiple terms are the same for each doc? Thanks!


1 Answer

  1. You could also use Conditional Formatting to highlight those cells with your target words in them.

    If you have 2007,

    1) Select your cell or range of cells
    2) On the ribbon click Conditional Formatting
    3) Select Highlight Cells Rules
    4) Select Text That Contains
    5) In the input Box enter your text string, IE: Red
    6) Click OK

    All the cells in your selected range, that contain the word Red should
    now be highlighted

    You could also change the color for each word, so the text string Red
    shows up one color, the text string Blue another.



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