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Solved Replace With Line Break (Excel for Mac)

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Hi all,
I have a document with over 1,000 subtitles for a film (I have it in both Word and Excel versions).
Most of the subtitles have 2 lines, which are separated with this character: |
In Word (Windows or Mac), I can easily replace all the | with a line break (^p).
How can I do it in Excel for Mac?
Is there a way to represent the line break within the Excel “Replace” tool, just like ^p in the Word “Replace” tool?
Or is there a way to paste a Word table (which has line breaks within the table cells) into Excel, keeping the line breaks?


1 Answer

  1. FOUND IT!
    Indeed, I had to put the Spanish expression:


    I hope this helps future visitors.

    Gracias amigos!! I didn’t even know the “SUBSTITUTE/SUSTITUIR” function.

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