PowerPoint 2003 macro button issue

Microsoft Powerpoint 2003
April 21, 2010 at 05:52:08
Specs: Windows XP
Problem: Macro button no longer working in specific situations.

In PowerPoint 2003, I've created a macro in a template (.pot) file. I then created a button for users to easily launch the macro. (It's even pretty with a little picture next to it.) It launched perfectly. I loaded the .pot file to a website.

The problem occurs when I take that .pot file from the website (testing it as a user), save it to my hard drive (template folder), and then use the template to launch a new .ppt file (File>>New). The problem also occurs if I just launch a .ppt file from the .pot file on the website. With either of these situations, the button no longer launches the macro. The macro is still there and the user can still launch using Tools>>Macros>>select macro>>Run, but I want the user to be able to use the pretty button. NOTE: After downloading the .pot file to my hard drive, opening up that .pot file, the button no longer works as well.

Any ideas?

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April 21, 2010 at 07:19:05
re: With either of these situations, the button no longer launches the macro.

Do you get any kind of error message or does nothing happen? Does the button actually act like a button? i.e. does the cursor change to the little hand to let you know that it is linked to something?

My far-away guess is that when you download the pot file to your harddrive, the path to the macro is lost.

When you right-click it and select Action Settings does it still say that it has a macro assigned to it?

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April 21, 2010 at 09:40:14

As DerbyDad03 says, I am pretty sure that the problem is that the button loses track of where the macro is stored.

I suggest that you save your macro in an Add-In.

You can make the Add-In automatically create the button on the toolbar complete with its link to the macro in the Add-In. Then the Add-In can be loaded on to other PC's and the button will also be loaded - although getting a custom image to load is not simple.

There are some differences in the way PowerPoint accesses Add-Ins compared to Excel or Word, and you have to save the macro in a ppt file before saving it as an Add-In ppa file.

Also, as far as I can tell, you can't edit the macro directly from the ppa file, you have to edit the code inside the original ppt file and re-save it as the Add-In ppa file.
(You can view the Add-In code if you follow the instructions to add / change the value of a registry key - see these instructions. Note that PowerPoint must be closed when you add / change the value of this key).

There are several sites that describe how to create an Add-In for PowerPoint. Here is one of them


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April 21, 2010 at 15:00:13
Thanks to both of you! It's been frustrating - no error message! With the ideas you gave me up above, I was able to do a bit more digging at the University of Google and came on this post: http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00031.htm.

Yes, it appears buttons created in PowerPoint VBA to link to macros do not work unless the original file is open. To solve the problem, as you surmised, an Add-In is needed. Using the instructions in the link above, I was able to create the add in, which I can now have users download. Now, just off to amend the user guide. . .

Thanks again!

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