Outlook crashes hangs often, fix end outlook.exe w/ taskmgr

July 30, 2013 at 17:03:18
Specs: Windows 7
Outlook 2013 hangs every day, relaunching requires ending process outlook.exe with taskmgr. 3 workstations, with one server all running Windows 7 profession. Application, Amicus and Dragon Dictate, all of which reach into Outlook with add-ins. Very frustrating for non-technical attorney user. I found a fair amount of evidence that many others have same issue. On boss's computer, I downgraded Office 2013, to previous Office 2007, ran two full days, but hung again today. System was installed for 30 days error free. Trouble started just about the time the ISP, configured static IP (really sticky bit IP) so we had dependable connection to remote server. Internet speed was 1.50 Mbit download, with .5Mbit upload, yesterday changed that to 6Mbit DN, and 1Mbit UP; Outlook error, 0x800421?? which is a timeout error. Originally thought Send/Receive was failing to connect to ISP for mail, because of slow speed, and once a number of failures occurred, it hung, one of the reasons for bumping up speed. Fighting problem, for 2 weeks. Two of workstations have same problem but many times with different frequency. Maybe clue, but no real help, the two frequent failing (Outlook hanging) workstations both have same pop email address configured, but with different S/R checking rates. Third workstation's Outlook only hung once that I witnessed, but it is less frequently used than other two which have heavy use. Lots of computer i5 and memory 16GB in two failing workstations and they are only 2 months old.

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August 2, 2013 at 12:34:59
I would definitely start with disabling the third-party outlook add-in's. If that resolves the problem, enable the add-in's 1 by 1 until you find the one that causes the issue. From there you can start holding the vendor accountable / confirm compatibility with that add-in with Outlook 2013. I would also include any antivirus / antimalware / spam or other security add-in's in this process.

Do your S/R's complete successfully? I doubt this cause is due to the internet change unless they have software they integrated onto all the workstations as well.

Disable / Enable Outlook add-in's: http://www.msoutlook.info/question/88


Thanks for any input.

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August 2, 2013 at 14:44:38
Thank you so much for your reply. Of all the recommendations MicroSoft makes for this what seems to me to be a fairly common problem, the add-ins makes the most sense to me, my primary Application, Amicus, a SQL based practice management software and the reason for the system, lists and denies any causal connection. But it is also the only application that is shared by all three workstations. Unfortunately 'add-ins" understanding and management is also my weakest skill set. I will of course experiment as you suggest, but previous work in add-ins, never left me feeling I was in command of the experiment. Thanks again. I also have a capture of data using WireShark, and a capture session where Outlook hung, but again, reading a entire manual to track down a problem I might not even see if it is in front of me seems like the long way around the barn. Thanks again -- Still open to additional comments and suggestions.

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