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Opening a .PRN File In Microsoft Excel 2007

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I’m using Micorsoft 2007 and trying to open a file with a .PRN extension. This is a comma-delimited file and created several years ago from our legacy system. In the past, I would open the files using the Wizard and I would open it as a comma-delimited file in Excel. The file today only opens in Wordpad of Notepad. I must have it open in Microsoft EXCEL 2007. Any ideas?


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  1. save the .prn file to your desktop. Before opening, change the extension to .xls. The file can be delimited in Excel.
    In Windows 7, I have .prn associated with Excel, but it still does not open immediately. I have to change the extension first to .xls & then it open.
    So far this is the only way Ive been able to open this file in Windows 7.
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