Solved Opening a passworded .doc without MS Word

August 20, 2011 at 20:41:32
Specs: Windows 7
Having a bit of a problem.

I made passworded .doc files on my old PC using MS Word. My new PC doesn't have MS Word due to me being unable to make Office 2007 (got a free genuine copy through work) work on Windows 7.

I know the passwords, but of course without Word I can't get the password entry prompt up, and so can't open them. I downloaded Jarte as a stopgap and also have WordPad. Jarte shows nothing, WordPad shows what looks like the encrypted document - a massive jumble of characters.

I'd ideally like to open them without having to get Word, as the current version is rather expensive for what it is, and I don't foresee a free copy coming from work anytime soon.

Is there any way to do it, for someone with quite limited computing skills? Might OpenOffice provide the password prompt popup?

Many thanks!

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August 21, 2011 at 02:21:00
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Office 2007 will run perfectly well on Windows 7, so if you still have it I would give it another go at installing. If you are unwilling to give it a go then OpenOffice will open .doc and .docx files and should prompt you for the password.

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