Open Monarch10 and process using.BAT File

Datawatch Monarch 10
September 8, 2016 at 03:42:36
Specs: Windows 7, Dell / 4GB
Hello there,
Appreciate your time in assisting members in their tough time.
Am sure you can help me too please, as I have seen your kind of similar post to my request.

I need a Excel VB Macro to open Monarch10, and open a .txt report and select a model (apply table) and export the final report in excel format and save in a folder.

I have the liberty to use 3 new folder one for each purpose like; Raw Report, Models and Final Report. this way it wont be complicated for you to help me with code and I can amend the share drive path from your reply and test/use the .bat file

path where Monarch10 is installed is : C:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch\PROGRAM\project.xsl

Reason I am looking to automate this process is; as I have 23 reports with 6 model on every given day and I see potential possibilities of increasing in near future too.

Please team, any assistance in this is much appreciated.
Let me know if I need to detail further just in case.

Thanks for your time in replying.

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