Need help with tiebreaking with rank function in excel

July 15, 2012 at 12:41:25
Specs: Windows XP
Excel ranking and breaking ties - I need help to break any ties looking at another cell, and if there is still a tie then to look at a different cell. This will continue until the tie is broken.
(Lowest Score Wins)
If player A has a score of 5,4,4=13 and player B has a score of 4,5,4=13 and player C has a score of 4,4,5=13, the tiebreaker would go to the first score and players B & C had a score of 4 and player A had a 5. I would need players B & C still needing ranked while player A would get the 3rd place ranking. With players B & C still tied it would go to the 2nd score and player C would win with a 4 versus player B's 5.
Final Ranking
1st - Player C
2nd - Player B
3rd - Player A

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July 15, 2012 at 17:17:48
It would help if we knew how your data was laid out. It appears that you are ranking the SUM of three values from three different cells, correct?

Please click on the blue line at the end of this post and read the instructions on how to post data in this forum. Then post an example of your data, with row numbers and column letters so that we can what we are working with. Thanks.

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